Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Secret Unlocked

If you've watched my Youtube Video you probably know what has been making me raging mad for some time.  My family, my secret, and the hatred I have for another person.  I never thought I'd be a hateful person.  To have hateful feelings about someone so wretched, but I do.  And as much as I try and forgive my heart still remains in turmoil.

I'd hidden the truth for almost 2 whole years.  Until I could't hold it in anymore.  No matter how crazy it had seemed.  Which it shouldn't.  It has been pretty obvious from the start what's wrong.  Well anyways,  finally, I got the ovaries to say it.

I don't think it has changed anything.  I don't think my sister will leave her husband.  I don't think my parents will wake up and finally realize life is short and they should take advantage of that.  They are old now.  They are tired and sick of dealing with life.  They are use to routine.  To boredom and lack of self worth.  I on the other hand am young.  I am alive.  I am full of inspirations and aspirations to be somebody.  To do something with the life I've been given.  If only others could see this to, what a world this would be.

You are never too young, or too old to start living.  Just live!

My life goes on.  Just a little bit lighter, a lot more reviled, and yes a little disappointed, but that was bound to be the outcome at least in this situation.  Not in all.  Not forever.

Priscilla B.